Build your very own app easily with BuildFire

BuildFire mobile app development

So you’ve got your own business, and want to have your own app to attract potential customers. Or you have a great idea for an app but do not know where to start. At this point, you’re faced with a significant dilemma: how are you going to pull this off, knowing you’re new to the world of apps and don’t know how to code? Fret no more. There is an app-building service lets you take off the legwork (and the high costs) of learning to code your app from scratch, and leave the rest to the experts. Introducing BuildFire, a revolutionary app building service that lets you create your very own apps for iOS, Android, and web-based HTML5 with utmost ease and convenience. Read on to know why BuildFire can be of big help in streamlining your brand, so you can focus on what matters most.

Why BuildFire, you ask? While there are other available app creation services out there, BuildFire stands out from the rest by allowing you to fully customize and tailor-fit your business needs to the app you want. You don’t want your own app to be a generic, run-off-the-mill variety. BuildFire aims to give you the most professional-looking apps that can strengthen your brand’s presence, and leave a lasting impression to your customer base. It provides easy, convenient, and cost-effective way to build your custom app by incorporating a simple-to-use app creation user interface that takes just under half an hour to learn and use. In fact, there are only two major steps you have to go through before you’re presented with your very own app.

It initially takes to select your type of business, and BuildFire will present a custom app builder interface that is aptly suited for your business nature. From there, there are layout choices featuring a broad range of tools and customization options at your disposal. With four main layout areas, BuildFire lets you customize your app branding, icon arrangements, colors, fonts, and many more. Your imagination is the only limit, as the app builder interface also allows you to import your own designs, or choose from a list of preconfigured layouts and themes. A real-time app preview lets you see what the app would look like based on your chosen options. Thanks to this nifty feature, you can visualize the final app design on any compatible smart device, and make infinite adjustments from there.

BuildFire mobile app dev

BuildFire builds upon a series of cool features that make it your go-to place for when you need a top-notch mobile app for your brand. As many mobile users are well-connected to social media, integrating social networks to your brand is a no-brainer. BuildFire allows you to do just that, thanks to its tight integration with the most popular social media sites. It also natively supports Shopify and OpenTable integrations, so you can link your online store or restaurant directly from your custom-built app. Fast and easy content updates let you bypass the lengthy app store update approval processes, so you can push timely updates to your custom app via BuildFire’s SmartSync feature.

Other notable smart features include in-app browser integration, content syncing over popular media hosting sites, loyalty and rewards services integration, push notifications, events and location services, live streaming, and Bluetooth integration. All of these features come together so you can make your app as coherent and intuitive as possible.

The service is offered in three plan tiers, with every tier being a tailored solution for every type of business or industry who looks for a well-crafted mobile or web app. The basic plan offer Android and HTML5 support, while upper tiers allow for iOS support as well as advanced management and customization tools.

If you’re looking for the right app-building service to boost your brand’s presence, BuildFire easily fits the bill. Having a convenient way to build your own app creates more time for you to focus more on your business, and less on dealing with complicated stuff.