Lofree: Nostalgic keyboard for typing purists

lofree keyboard

We deal with keyboards every single day – equally invaluable at home and work, the keyboard has served as our primary input device alongside the mouse since the invention of the typewriter. As the keyboard has evolved into its present form, it mostly followed the trend of designs that focus on a one-size-fits-all philosophy. This trend, however, sacrifices a bit of ergonomic value to suit a wide range of uses, including data entry and gaming. A new kind of keyboard aims to reinvent the keyboard for those who need a pure, unadulterated typing experience reminiscent of the clickety-clack of the typewriter. Meet the Lofree (stylized as lofree), the keyboard for the typing purist. With rounded key-caps and a minimalist design, Lofree’s goal is to bring a straightforward typing experience to give focus on your thoughts waiting to be tapped into.

Combining a variety of elements such as the feel of the old-school typewriter and the efficiency of modern-day keyboards, the Lofree keyboard seeks to reinvent the experience of typing by disengaging clutter and refocusing on the essential senses. It’s also touted as the first keyboard inspired by the typewriter, in which its design pays homage to its grandfather. One notable thing about Lofree is its rounded key-caps which simulates the texture of the typewriter – sans the sticking type levers. Underneath every key is a Gateron Blue mechanical switch that delivers accurate typing register with the sound and haptic feedback of a traditional typewriter, bringing a bit of nostalgia every time you type. Lofree allows you to focus on what you’re typing by removing all unnecessary keys through its simple yet functional layout. Gone are the days when you have to fumble around random keys just to accomplish certain shortcuts or access special characters.

lofree typing keyboard

As with what you’re currently accustomed to, the Lofree keyboard features the familiar Apple Magic Keyboard layout seen in Mac computers nowadays. There’s no reason for Windows users to fret, as Lofree is fully compatible with Windows as well. Lofree features both Windows and Macintosh key assignments and functions, which allows for fair play between your devices. It connects either via a wired route (USB) or the wireless one (Bluetooth), ensuring wide compatibility with all your devices. In wireless mode, Lofree hooks to up to three devices at once so you can easily switch your typing from your laptop to your iPad – no complicated switching and pairing process required. It’s also backlit, perfect for dim lighting conditions when you really need to type something in the dark.

Modern keyboards can be simple and straightforward, just like the Lofree keyboard. Inspired by the typewriter, it aims to give a pure typing experience that lets you focus exactly on your craft.