MOAR: Bike safer, smarter, longer


With an increasing number of people who want to go places in an economical and environmentally-responsible fashion, electric vehicles were made in response to this growing demand for clean and efficient transportation. One clear manifestation of the hunger for capable and smart people movers is the development of electric bikes with smart features like long driving ranges and industry-leading safety certifications. One startup has tapped into this growing demand by developing MOAR, a new breed of electric bikes that combine high-end components to create the ultimate bike for the modern-day cyclist. It aims to give its rider a smooth biking experience in every way possible.

Featuring a traditional design that takes cues from mountain bikes and BMX bikes, MOAR stays true to the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – the strong aircraft-grade aluminum frame is designed to carry the load of an average rider and withstand the harshness of daily biking in various terrain and road conditions. Its full-sized chassis allows for a familiar biking ride and feel, providing a stable riding platform for both manual and electric-assisted biking modes. Powered by either a 500-Watt rear-hub or a 750-W mid-drive electric motor, MOAR can take you places without breaking a sweat, especially in uphill roads or tacky urban streets. It’s equipped with standard bike features such as full all-wheel suspension and disc brakes. In addition, it incorporates smart novelties such as a horn, dual LED headlights, brake lights, and turn signals for safety. MOAR also proves to be usable in all kinds of weather, thanks to its integrated electrical wiring that’s rated for both wet and dry riding conditions. A notable feature of MOAR is its set of “fat” tires, which creates a more balanced and compliant ride even in bumpy roads or trails.


MOAR’s range capability is one of its unique flagship features that make it stand out from the rest of the electric bikes in the market. Its 48-V lithium-ion battery is the same kind that the Tesla electric cars use, which are proven to be reliable and able to give greater power with the same amount of portable energy. When coupled with the 17AH model, the battery can last for up to 85 miles of biking alongside a level-one pedal assist – this is possible at a maximum riding speed of 15 miles an hour; the range significantly reduces depending on how much faster you go. All of these features are tucked neatly into a single one-step folding design that can be easily deployed whenever you have to stow it during your daily commute or when not in use.

As electric people movers such as smart bikes get merits for being an efficient and practical means of personal transportation, MOAR presents itself as a no-brainer choice for a smart vehicle that aims to bring a safer and more enjoyable smart biking experience coupled with a longer biking range.