Raybaby: Worry-free baby monitor

Raybaby baby monitor

Advances in technology that help us keep track of our health and well-being are manifested through smart devices that are worn or strapped onto our bodies. Although these devices work for adults, a slightly different approach is recommended for infants – studies have shown that less contact with babies during their delicate life stages allow for a more beneficial growth and development. To address this, an India-based tech startup has come up with a smart solution in the form of the world’s first non-contact health and sleep monitor. It’s called Raybaby, a smart device that monitors the health and sleep status of infants from a distance. It uses non-contact monitoring techniques to check on your baby round the clock, and relays all vital information directly to your smartphone.

Raybaby aims to give parents a worry-free monitoring of their infant’s health, day and night. By eliminating the need for a wearable tracker on the infant, the risk of interfering with their delicate movements are greatly reduced – it’s a direct answer to the concern of many parents worrying about a phenomena called Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or – in layman’s terms – crib death, which is aggravated by foreign objects attached to infants during sleep. By employing a non-contact monitoring approach, Raybaby ensures that the breathing rate of the child is constantly checked all throughout the day without the need for wearables on the infant’s part. A technology called ultra-wideband radar technology is the working mechanism behind Raybaby, which measures even the most subtle and almost imperceptible movements in the baby’s chest.

Through the built-in radar technology, Raybaby collects information on the baby’s regular breathing patterns and reflects it against common irregularities caused by illnesses like asthma and bronchitis. Whenever there is an anomaly, the radar unit will send a notification on the linked smartphone via the Raybaby mobile app. Raybaby is FDA-approved, with up to 98 percent accuracy. This means that all its functionality works similar to polysomnography studies done in hospitals. Not only Raybaby features a non-contact radar monitor, it also houses a built-in camera that can be controlled right from your linked smartphone via the Raybaby mobile app. This makes capturing precious moments of your baby possible at your disposal. The app also gives helpful tips for managing your baby’s sleep routines, helping him or her get a good night’s sleep every single time.

Raybaby comes as a response to the needs of the modern parent: to keep their precious infant alive and healthy at all times with the aid of smart technology. It rewards parents with the ease of monitoring their baby’s health while also helping to alleviate the tough and exhausting demands of parenthood.