MATE: Affordable, feature-packed electric bike

Mate Bike

Many people say that biking is a way of life. It allows us to explore places and things around us with the freedom of open air and the joy of riding a bike. It also lets people do things without a car, like going to work, going to  school, running errands or visiting friends. The pleasure of riding a bicycle is epitomized in the Netherlands, where a majority of people ditch their cars and ride bikes instead for a variety of reasons. Biking can be tiring especially in rough or hilly terrain, but thanks to the advent of electric bikes, it’s now a dream to cycle around just about anyplace you wish to travel.

One main reason why many do not own an electric bike is the cost. Some argue that it’s more logical to own a motorcycle than an e-bike. But the MATE electric bike aims to deliver a cost-effective electric bike with lots of cool and useful features. Idealized in Denmark, MATE is inspired by the  tradition of cycling, coupled with modern technology.

The MATE e-Bike is developed to give a comfortable biking experience. Starting with the hardware, the bike is equipped with a dual suspension system, with both the front and back wheels each having a dedicated suspension. This allows the bike to effectively dampen rough and uneven surfaces like gravel and cobblestone, so you can ride in comfort for longer.


A 7-speed gear system paired with a powerful 350-kW electric motor lets you select the right gear for the right road condition, helping you get the most efficient bike ride possible without breaking a sweat. Its lithium-ion battery lets you maximize your ride with a range of up to 50 miles  on a single charge. A built-in speed computer gives you the most accurate information about your ride, such as the current gear used, battery information, distance traveled, and the local time.

MATE is also made to be portable and easy to carry around town. A three-fold system makes it a cinch to pack your bike for your commute, carry along in your car for out-of-town biking trips, or just store it easily in your room when not in use.

Thanks to a powerful motor paired with an efficient gear system and a long-range battery, MATE delivers a comfortable biking experience without breaking a sweat. With all the power features built into it, where you want to go is yours to take.