Nimb: Raise an alarm with a single ring

Ninb ring

Smart jewelry comes at just the right time. Now, connected devices have features that can help you be safe at all times. Nimb is a connected smart ring that helps you if you ever have an emergency with a simple push of a button. In other words, Nimb is a panic button hidden inside a wearable.

What sets Nimb apart from others is that it tracks your current location, and uses this location to alert family, friends, and key emergency centers about your situation whenever needed. With a simple push-and-hold of a button on the ring itself, your linked smartphone will instantly send a distress signal to 911 or your predefined contacts, which can be useful in emergencies where you shouldn’t have to fumble with finding your phone and making a call yourself.

In certain emergencies that need to be documented for investigation purposes, the Nimb smart ring is equipped with a built-in hidden microphone which captures audio automatically once the alert button is activated. Audio recordings from the ring can be stored on your linked smartphone, which you can use to assist authorities in investigating what  transpired during the emergency. Another cool and useful feature of the Nimb is its ability to alert your loved ones with a haptic feedback whenever they wear their own Nimb smart ring.

Nimb RIng

Frequently lose grip of your Smartphone? Nimb can alert you if you’re too far from your Smartphone with a vibration feedback. Nimb determines the distance between you and your Smartphone, and helps you to keep track of your phone if you left it in a taxi, a coffee shop, or you last destination. Not only does it help you in emergencies, but it also proactively reminds you to be mindful of your phone at all times.

The companion Nimb mobile app is also made to be as useful as the ring itself. When you trigger the ring button, the app automatically sends an alert to nearby Nimb users up to 300 yards from your location. Fellow Nimb users can readily help you out, or they can choose to send your distress signal over to other key people that might be of help. The app also lets you configure which people you prefer to contact in times of distress. The Nimb mobile app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 10 devices.

Smart, connected devices help you do things in ways you’ve never done before, and Nimb is an addition to the plethora of smart devices that also lets you get help when you need it the most.