UltraDuo Z2: Protect yourself on the road

UltraDuo Z2for the road

As many drivers are getting more and more vigilant with their everyday driving, it pays to have a system that lets you log everything that happens during your drive. For instance, an accident or theft claim can be easily pursued with a video or audio recording of the incident. Not only it brings peace of mind knowing that you have solid proof for your claim, but also lets you be more proactive on the road. Dashboard cameras, or dashcams, are one of the key devices used to document your everyday driving. One of these devices is the UltraDuo Z2, a smart dashcam that improves upon traditional dashcams with its dual-lens system and other advanced features to set it apart from the rest.

To boot, the UltraDuo Z2 features a dual-lens camera system that establishes itself as a refinement over the first-generation UltraDuo dashcam. With two lenses working together, UltraDuo Z2 ensures clear video footages with a wide field of view. The wide-angle lens is coupled with the telephoto lens, which results in footage that exposes detailed artifacts from a recording distance of 164 feet. Since a high level of detail is a must for court proofs during a claim, the UltraDuo Z2 lives up to the expectation. A variant of the dashcam with two wide-angle lenses can work wonders for commuting applications, such as in carpooling and private car services, where you can record driver-passenger conversations for assurance purposes. These two UltraDuo Z2 versions can capture up to 1080P full HD videos at up to 30 frames per second.

For added ease of use during driving conditions, UltraDuo Z2 features hot keys that perform quick and specific functions when pressed, so you can take away your hands from the dashcam and focus more on the road. A built-in 2-inch LCD screen also shows everything that it shoots as well as for previewing recorded items later. It handles expandable storage via the microSD card slot for up to 128 gigabytes, so you’ll never run out of storage while on the go. Powered by a 700mAh lithium-ion battery, the UltraDuo Z2 can last for up to an hour of continuous recording or up to 80 minutes of standby time. With convenience in mind, it connects to your car’s cigarette lighter port for easy charging.

Your next driving experience can be a whole lot easier with the UltraDuo Z2 dashcam. It takes away the fuss of documenting your driving for insurance claims as well as saving your hard-earned investment from prying ones, so you can enjoy being protected on the road.