AVA Byte: Be your own smart farmer at home

AVA Byte plants for home

Let’s face it: the more humanity moves forward in terms of economic development, the less of our precious land goes to agricultural use. With a rising amount of both vertical and horizontal developments in cities and metropolitan areas, it’s harder than ever to keep and grow fresh produce in urban dwellings. Luckily, with the ingenuity of modern technology, growing your own fruits and vegetables in your own home can still be a sustainable practice. Introducing AVA Byte, the latest emerging trend in urban agriculture that makes use of artificial intelligence so you can conveniently grow your own produce without the fuss.

AVA Byte aims to make you become your very own farmer, right in the comforts of your home. It wants to deliver the same experience as picking fresh fruits and veggies from your own farm – even without a real backyard. Using advanced software technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine and deep learning techniques, it’s now easier and more convenient than ever to cultivate your next salad ingredients without rushing to the fresh farmer’s market. Thanks to a user-friendly setup and a straightforward cultivating process, having your next healthy meal or snack can start with a simple walk to the patio.

AVA Byte for home

Whether you want to grow vegetables, fruits, or mushrooms, AVA Byte can be your next best friend. There are no seasonal limitations to what you can grow with it, which makes all-year-round cultivation of your favorite produce a real possibility. As the system is powered by artificial intelligence, it uses a variety of external factors to determine how much of every growth factor is needed for your plant. For example, the system knows how much light and water your vegetable needs in order to bloom properly, and it uses this information to enable a range of sensors to activate certain functions. An artificial light source replicates sunlight and stimulates photosynthesis through a combination of red, white, and blue LED lights, and a hydroponic irrigation system makes efficient use of as little water as possible for optimum plant growth.

Each type of plant you want to grow using AVA Byte comes in the form of a small compostable pod that contains everything your plant needs – seeds, initial plant food, and a growing material. Every plant requires no soil to grow, which is a neat and clever gardening solution. AVA Byte works with the companion mobile app so you can conveniently see plant growth progress, and it also integrates with smart home services including Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Home, among others.

AVA Byte makes it possible for you to be your own farmer, with no prior experience or technical know-how needed. It’s never been easier to have your favorite produce grown right in your home.