VRDL360 Camera: Affordable yet immersive 360-degree camera

VRDL360 Camera

As virtual reality reaches so many of us, the cost of having immersive out-of-this-world experiences are also steadily plummeting. With VR opening up to an increasing mainstream stance, devices used to bring VR to life are packed with more innovative features that give them more bang for the buck. The VRDL360 camera is no exception to this fact – it’s a 360-degree camera that’s capable of capturing up to 7K ultra-high resolution photos and immersive live video streams in 3K resolution, all made possible in a tiny device you can take with you anywhere.

The VRDL360 is the first in the VR product portfolio from Los Angeles-based startup VR Dongli. What the camera wants to achieve is a more personal VR media capturing experience for anyone. Thanks to its grippable form factor, it makes taking 360-degree photos and videos virtually effortless – there are no bulky parts or wires needed – allowing you to pull it from your bag, purse, or pocket and start shooting instantly. VRDL360 doesn’t compromise on both form and function, which manifests in its effective combination of the two design philosophies, resulting in a user-friendly VR capturing experience that anyone can enjoy.

Thanks to its set of dual 16-megapixel optical image sensors, VRDL360 lets you capture the world around you and relive these moments with lifelike accuracy. The camera is able to shoot photos with a resolution of 7000 by 3500 pixels (7K) and videos at 3072 by 1536 pixels (3K) up to 30 frames per second – far beyond what’s called full HD (1920 by 1080 pixels). To help with shaky hands and mounts, a built-in gyroscope senses relative motion and compensates the camera system for more stable media capture. VRDL360 also supports full-resolution video streaming in real time across most popular live streaming services – there’s no resolution down-sampling, so whatever you stream with the camera appears as it’s being taken.

VRDL360 Camera

Built around mobility and performance, the VRDL360 Camera can last for 2,000 photos or two hours of continuous video capture with a single charge. A built-in microSD card slot also enables expansive storage options. Paired with the VRDL360 mobile app for iOS and Android devices, you can have full custom control of your VR capturing which includes options for image sensitivity (ISO) and creative photo modes, among others.

VRDL360 wants to redefine how a mainstream 360-degree camera should be: affordable for everyone, while being packed with advanced and smart features commonly seen in higher-end cameras – keeping your memories in full focus without breaking the bank.