Sound Heroes: A smart speaker in the form of a robot

Sound Heros Speaker

Think a speaker can’t have stunning looks? Think again.

The Sound Heroes speaker is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill speaker. It takes the form of a humanoid robot, which also makes it a futuristic-looking addition to your living space. It aims to prove that there is truly more than what meets the eye, as Sound Heroes can be a surprising piece of hardware that does a whole lot more than you would expect. Read on to know what makes it a smart speaker worth of anyone’s attention.

Having cool and futuristic looks is Sound Heroes‘ strong suit. Developed in-house by Kalium Labs, this smart speaker has all its internals fitted strategically inside a robot shell. It’s quite unbelievable how Kalium Labs managed to cram acoustic parts and many more smart technologies inside the humanoid robot form factor, but it also takes to have a glimpse of its abilities on the spec sheet to justify its performance. For starters, it works as a powerful speaker with up to 60 watts of acoustic power contained within its set of tweeters and a sub-woofer. In addition, it also functions as a Wi-Fi range extender, a wireless charging dock, a multi-color LED lamp, and a smoke machine. Kalium Labs made sure that Sound Heroes brands itself as a multi-talented hardware.

Sound Heros Speaker

In today’s crowded market of smart speakers and high-end audio solutions, Sound Heroes takes a different approach: it reflects a form-over-function philosophy, yet never compromising on either. Aside from its core function as a Bluetooth speaker for the home, it keeps you and your devices tightly knit together. Sound Heroes comes in two sizes, so you can choose one that’s more suited for every room or space – big or small. Built-in wireless charging lets you put your Qi-compatible devices for convenient charging. It also extends your home Wi-Fi signal for close to 100 feet. A voluminous lithium-ion battery pack powers up the speaker and its associated features for up to 8 hours. There’s a companion mobile app that lets you activate the LED lamp feature, where you can fully customize the lamp colors with a color slider. Sound Heroes can be color-customized from a selection of 12 colors to suit your personal taste.

A striking design paired with smart features make Sound Heroes a modern piece of audio hardware that delivers great sound and a well-connected digital life, equally at home or in the office.