Ahead: Stay safe and connected on the road

Ahead road helmet

It’s common for many bike-riders to wear all forms of inconspicuous devices, such as wireless headsets or earbuds, to help with their ride. On the downside, however, these devices also pose safety risks while on the road, such as difficulty hearing fellow motorists and loss of attention to driving. Not only they can be unsafe, but quite uncomfortable as well. To solve this, a South Korean tech startup has come up with a clever solution that will let you focus more on the road and less on fumbling with controls. Introducing Ahead, a wireless audio device that seamlessly attaches to any helmet, delivering clear audio while enhancing biking safety.

What sets Ahead apart from conventional audio devices for driving is that it features a novel technology that transmits audio without wires and unnecessary ear attachments. It makes use of an acoustic medium called an oscillator that sends vibrations to your ear via the helmet’s hard shell, so you can hear anything from your smartphone without wearing earplugs. Since it frees up your ear to hear everything around you, Ahead essentially provides an open space for your hearing while on the road. This contributes to added safety and convenience – you can hear notifications or take phone calls while also being able to notice your immediate surroundings. There is nothing to wear on your ears – say goodbye to messy, cabled earplugs and uncomfortable prolonged use.

Ahead conveniently straps to the side of your helmet, and links directly to your smartphone via the companion mobile app. It uses the Bluetooth wireless protocol to send and receive audio data from your phone, allowing you to listen to anything from your device wirelessly. You can stream your favorite tunes, make and take phone calls, hear in-app notifications for all your phone applications, and have audio-guided navigation with your helmet. Dual microphones can clearly pick up your voice even at driving speeds of up to 40 miles an hour, thanks to its Clear Voice Capture technology.

Ahead road helmet

Own more than one helmet? No problem – Ahead can be easily detached and reattached to any helmet you have. Its universal bracket mount can be used for any helmet, so you can take it from your highway motorbike ride to your cross-country biking. With its IP45 water and dust resistance certification, you can take it in rainy weather without worrying about damage. Even with its lightweight and compact design, Ahead can last for up to 8 hours on a single charge – more than enough for all-day biking.

Emphasizing on driving safety and audio convenience, Ahead brings a new way to interact with your smartphone while biking. It easily takes care of your wireless audio needs on the road, leaving you to concentrate more on the joys of open-air motoring.