Xchime Doorbell: Know who’s at your door

XChime door bell and camera

With  crimes such as burglary that are constantly on the rise these days, it’s only imperative for many of us to secure our homes with smart devices. Aside from smart locks, smart doorbells can offer a first line of defense by letting you see exactly who’s on your doorsteps. Enter the Xchime, a smart doorbell that’s made to protect you and your family from intruders by allowing you to see what’s on the other side. Xchime features a high-definition camera, motion-sensing security feature, and an easy-to-use physical interface to receive visitors with ease.

To boot, the Xchime doorbell comes in a sleek package that fits to virtually any door. A simple yet durable mounting setup provides easy one-time installation that can be done in less than an hour. A high-definition 1080p camera can be found on its front panel, which instantly streams clear video to your linked smartphone or tablet whenever someone presses on the doorbell button. The camera is rated for both daylight and nighttime operations, so you can clearly see who’s on your doorsteps all day and all night. Xchime can be installed anywhere – indoors or outdoors – and is designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions and extreme temperatures.

XChime door bell and security

Security and convenience features come hand in hand with Xchime. For convenience, two-way audio is standard so you can chat with your visitors before you let them in. In addition, it can inform you of anyone who tries to enter your door wherever you may be in the world, and have the ability to grant or reject requests right from your linked device. If your home is equipped with an automated garage door, a garage door add-on will let you control your garage with a simple tap. For security, motion sensors detect suspicious movements within the Xchime’s range, and informs you of such on your smartphone or tablet. All video footage are stored and can be accessed from the cloud, letting you save critical security footage for law enforcement purposes.

The Xchime doorbell aims to become a smart evolution of the traditional doorbell through its incorporation of smart convenience and security features, making it a true smart device for modern-day living. If you seek a smart doorbell for your home, Xchime is tough to beat.