HONGi: Get great sleep every day

HONGi sleep mattress

We spend a third of our entire lives – yes, a third – lying in bed and getting our much-needed sleep. But achieving quality sleep isn’t just about how many hours you clock in. Many factors greatly affect a good night’s rest, including room temperature, amount of visible light, noise levels, and even the quality of your bed. Most people don’t recharge themselves so well at night because of a poor-quality mattress. Luckily, a new kind of mattress can eliminate many problems associated with lack of quality sleep. Introducing HONGi, the first customizable smart bed that can be tailored to your slumber needs.

It’s time to bid goodbye to grogginess and hello to energized mornings. HONGi aims to give the best sleep quality possible through the use of smart materials and modern technology, enhancing your overall health and productivity throughout the day. It starts with an personal online quiz that assesses your sleeping habits and preferences. This questionnaire gives accurate results based on your answers; the gathered data is then used to present customizable options for your preferred mattress. There are 27 different customization options to cater to various assessment results, all of which correspond to a combination of smart layers that contribute to sleep comfort and wellness.

HONGi sleep mattress

Making up these smart layers are materials designed for giving optimum sleeping comfort. A combination of foams and coils make up HONGi’s basic layers, with the option to replace the topmost layer for utmost flexibility and longevity. The mattress itself is designed to last up to 10 years, certified by a rollator machine that simulates real-life usage. Adding up to enhance the core functions of the smart layers is the contact-less smart sleep tracker, which is an add-on that seamlessly fits underneath your HONGi mattress. It links to your smartphone via the HONGi mobile app – from there, you can get comprehensive data about your sleeping habits and quality each and every night. This lets you get an insight on how you sleep on the HONGi smart bed. It records important bodily functions such as heart rate, breathing, and sleeping movement activity, among others. This can be helpful for individuals who have difficulty getting a good sleep, where sleep data can be useful for medical use.

Helping you get healthier and more productive through better sleep, the HONGi smart mattress can get rid of your slumber woes for good. It’s a no-brainer to have the perfect bed that will bring the best bang to your buck, considering that you’ll spend one-third of your entire life achieving that much-needed quality Z’s.