MOTUS: Be your own cameraman

Motus makes you the cameraman

There are times that call for a two-man show, especially when taking action sequences and high-speed photography on the go. Although this would be a good setup, many people think that having someone else – such as a friend or a camera-savvy colleague – to take on-the-move photos and videos may not always be the case, as people have varying schedules or priorities on a certain day. Luckily, a new gadget lets anyone be their own cameraman, thanks to smart features that recreates having someone doing the job for you. Meet MOTUS, the smart robot camera mount for your phone.

What MOTUS does is following you in every step, working to shoot photos and videos that put you right in focus. In a nutshell, MOTUS combines hardware and software to track your movements in real time, and uses this information to intelligently take photos and videos for you. It promises true hands-free camera operation whenever you need it. There is no need to call for another person just to do certain camera tasks for you – MOTUS serves as your personal cameraman, and more.

The MOTUS  system is made up of three separate elements working together: the base unit, which houses the robotic arm that moves to shoot photos and videos depending on your movements; an anchor module that provides signal triangulation on the hardware level; and the tag, a tiny radio device worn by the user. This system works by the triangulation method, where radio signals are emitted by each device and are being interpreted based on their relative location to the user. Location data provided by each element provides MOTUS the ability to track your motion in real time, and shoot photos and videos based on your movements.

MOTUS cameraman

Motion data coming from the tag and the anchor enable all kinds of flexible movements on the base unit, such as pan, tilt, zoom, and even to control when to start and stop capturing footage. Two silent motors on the base unit enable smooth, silky camera movements. It also works in both indoor and outdoor situations, with a range of up to 200 feet thanks to its advanced RF tracking technology. The MOTUS mobile app makes everything possible on your smartphone by providing a mission-control view of your camera controls. The app works with the motion sensors on MOTUS to provide precise zoom and focus with an accuracy of 10 centimeters. The base unit also works as a portable power bank, so you can simultaneously charge up your smartphone while taking photos and videos.

MOTUS makes it possible for anyone to be their own cameraman in an instant. The combination of intelligent hardware and software makes for a one-man camera setup that flawlessly takes photos and videos on the move.