Spectra: Smart skateboard for the urban dweller

Spectra Skateboard

In modern cities where traffic jams are the norm, new ways to move around the metropolis are evolving at a constant and rapid pace. One good example of smart commuting is the use of electric-powered skateboards, which offers the convenience of going in between cars stuck in traffic, while also not having to go along the crowded public transportation route. New technologies usher the evolution of smart and portable vehicles such as the Spectra e-board. Developed by tech startup Walnutt, the Spectra is a combination of innovative ideas transformed into reality, helping to move powered skateboards up a notch.

Fast, compact, and hands-free;  these three attributes make up the overall riding experience on the Spectra. It comes in four variants, each having a distinct riding style suited for a range of users: the Mini, which is light enough to lug around in a backpack; Silver, an e-board designed for riding in style; Advanced, a board made for long-range commuting; and the Pro version that has all the bells and whistles of a full-fledged Spectra skateboard. All models cater to the needs of the urban dweller by providing a powerful and convenient commuting experience from point A to B – in the safest way possible.

Safety is a top priority for Spectra, that’s why it features advanced technologies for a smart and safe riding experience. Its patented 3D posture control system, guided by artificial intelligence, is the key to a hands-free operation so you can focus on the road, not on the remote. The Spectra e-board can be controlled using only your movements, which is then analyzed in real-time by a range of sensors including pressure-sensing electronics and gyroscopes. The more you ride it, the better the system learns your riding preferences, so you can be assured of a smooth ride as you use it.

Spectra Skateboard

A common issue for many powered skateboards is the lack of a reliable braking mechanism that can withstand even the toughest braking situations. Luckily for Spectra, it includes the only anti-lock braking system (ABS) for skateboards, called the MagBrake. The electromagnetic disc braking mechanism attached to the hub motors is instantly activated at unstable riding conditions and the absence of the rider. This prevents you from being thrown away or slamming yourself to the tarmac in hard-braking scenarios. This smart feature adds up to the overall road-worthiness of Spectra in all riding situations.

Spectra is designed to go the distance, fast. With a top speed of up to 22 miles an hour and a range of up to 20 miles on a single charge, you can be sure of a great riding experience every time. Four powerful hub motors provide pushing power in all road conditions, such as in steep inclines of up to 27 percent. Built-in LED lights work as a battery level indicator and to alert other people on the road of your presence. All models come with regenerative braking and a magnetic charging mechanism as standard.

Gliding your way easily through busy city streets and traffic jams takes more than just having a powered skateboard. The Spectra smart e-board shows that powered skateboards can have advanced features unprecedented for its compact size, all adding up for a safe and enjoyable modern commuting experience.