Veiu: Smart video doorbell system

VEIU doorbell

For many people, a smart and secure home can be achieved with the right devices. In today’s age of connected devices, it’s quite a chore to pick the right device that can make your home a safe haven the way you want it. Luckily there are a handful of IoT-enabled gadgets that promise just that, including the newest creation from Eques: the Veiu smart video doorbell. Veiu was built in the pursuit of convenience and security of an integrated video doorbell, ultimately reaching out as many homes as possible.

For Eques, the Veiu doorbell system was created as the answer to the installation problems commonly faced by first-time home security system users. Veiu is about to change how smart doorbells can be, starting with its simple two-part design. First, the actual doorbell attaches to the outside of your door, where it provides an authentication interface via a high-definition camera. The other half of Veiu sits on the inside, where a 5-inch touchscreen streams a camera feed from the outside module whenever the doorbell is pressed. This setup provides an easy way for anyone to install the entire system without the complications of drilling and mounting unnecessary parts. If your door comes with a peephole, you can install the entire thing in less than five minutes with a single screwdriver.

VEIU doorbell

The simplicity behind Veiu’s design is heavily inspired by the goal of providing advanced home security for all ages – from children to the elderly. It differs from most smart doorbells that require a smartphone to function as advertised, since Veiu features a one-touch operation from the outside and a user-friendly touchscreen on the inside. Another major selling point of Veiu is its local video storage, which means there are no monthly subscriptions to pay for cloud-based storage. Video recordings are accessible at any time, and it can hold such for up to 15 days’ worth of usage, thanks to its expandable storage of up to 32GB. There is no need to worry about battery life, too, as Veiu can last for up to two months on a single charge.

Veiu aims to bring a robust home security experience for any capable home. Packed with the essentials of a video doorbell, it shows that simplicity can also equate to modern functionality.