AirBuddy: Diving as easy as snorkeling

AirBuddy for Snorkeling

Ever wanted to experience the wonders of underwater diving, but don’t have the money or the right gear to go? Now you can, thanks to a new device that makes the entire diving experience as easy and affordable as if you would go snorkeling. Introducing AirBuddy, the world’s smallest diving gear. Not only it can change the way we dive, but it can become the go-to device for anyone who wants to see and feel what scuba divers have been raving about for so long.

AirBuddy comes in an unprecedented yet practical design that takes away the traditional scuba tank, resulting in an incredible weight savings. The entire system only tips the scale at just 21 pounds, which means you can dive deeper without the bulk and drag of the oxygen tank found in conventional scuba gear. Weight savings also make it very portable and can be stowed as a carry-on on your next flight – say goodbye to paying so much for scuba gear baggage fees.

Taking a modular approach, it basically separates the breathing unit into two: an air compressor floats on the water surface via a bright red buoy, and it continuously pumps a stream of fresh air through a flexible coiled tubing connected to a mouthpiece regulator. With the mouthpiece the only thing attached to you during diving, there are no tanks to carry – just yourself to fully enjoy the underwater scenery. This makes AirBuddy a unique diving solution that redefines how diving can be made available for almost anyone.

AirBuddy for Snorkeling

By essentially combining the experiences of snorkeling and full-on scuba diving, AirBuddy can offer two experiences at once. Rated to reach depths of up to 40 feet, it’s up to you to snorkel in shallow waters or dive at reef-deep areas. A full charge of its built-in battery lasts for up to 45 minutes, giving you plenty of time to explore the seas.

Airbuddy is a a grab-and-go device whenever you want to swim or dive. It is seen to benefit a variety of applications, such as diving trainings, routine marine vessel maintenance tasks, and diving sessions for resorts, among many others.AirBuddy does  urge  users to be trained and understands possible risks that come with any type of diving.

Bridging the gap between snorkeling and diving, AirBuddy offers the best of both worlds. Thanks to its modular and compact design, anyone can now go deep into a true diving experience like never before.