Evapolar 2: Build your personal micro-climate

Evalpolar Climate

Imagine if you could gain full and custom control over the air around you, whether you’re at home or work – now you can stop imagining and start bringing yourself into your own personal micro-climate with the Evapolar 2 portable air conditioner. Evapolar 2 is designed to clean, purify, filter, and cool the air that surrounds you. Its set of smart and eco-friendly features make it a better option for individuals who like to cool down themselves while saving energy costs in the process.

The concept of micro-climate is the main backframe of Evapolar. Improving upon its predecessor, the Evapolar 2 comes with better and improved features over the first Evapolar air conditioner. What makes it unique against conventional air conditioners is that it can modify the quality of air within a small space a person would occupy, say in an office desk or a small bedroom, without using chemical-based refrigerants or consuming way too much energy.

Evapolar 2 effectively cools the surrounding air through the process of evaporation. Its patented EvaBreeze(TM) technology makes use of inorganic nanofibers to absorb the greatest amount of water for its size. This material yields a very high evaporation rate, which in turn cools the air as it flows. In addition to its cooling properties, the said technology also filters out impurities in the air such as particulates and bacteria, and prevents them from coming out of the cool air stream, purifying the air in the process. Thanks to its high evaporation ratio, Evapolar 2 can humidify the air in dry climates, resulting in a better overall air quality.

Evapolar Climate

Improvements over the first Evapolar are significant in Evapolar 2. These include a larger water reservoir, which extends its cooling ability for up to 8 hours before it needs a water refill – this is perfect for bedroom applications, where Evapolar 2 can supplement or replace the function of a conventional AC unit. Aerodynamics have also been improved, resulting in a better air flow while generating barely audible noise in the range of 25 to 40 dB. The biggest improvement is in terms of out-of-the-box iOT support, since Evapolar 2 now supports home automation services for your smart home. These services include Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung Smart Things. In addition, the revamped Evapolar mobile app also comes with a customizable switch-off timer and delayed start feature so you can have better control over your personal cooling.

The technology behind Evapolar 2 is simple, yet it aims to give better air quality for everyone. Personalizing your own climate is a reality with Evapolar 2 as it can improve personal comfort in terms of the air that you breathe, both at home and at work.