UrbanX: Turn any bike into an e-bike

UrbanX e-bike converter

Electric bikes are everywhere these days – these smart bikes have paved the way to a safer and more enjoyable biking experience for urban commutes or exploring your town or neighborhood. But getting an e-bike is a tough choice for most people, as the steep price tag don’t usually appeal to a majority of bike-loving crowds. Fortunately there’s a better way to hop into the e-bike bandwagon thanks to a smart bike wheel attachment – it’s called UrbanX, a motorized accessory that fits into almost any ordinary bike to turn it into a powered one.

UrbanX claims itself to be the “world’s most economic electric bike solution”, and there’s a heap of truth to that claim – it only costs one-fifth the price of most full-package electric bikes, yet it promises to deliver the basic functions of a smart bike and then some. Its inception emerged from an idea that the growth of urban transportation across major cities has been stunted by city issues like pollution, congestion, and lack of proper parking spots. In that realization, smart mobility solutions such as electric bikes were proposed to make urban commuting easier and more convenient for anyone. UrbanX carries the DNA of modern bike technologies and incorporating these into a bike accessory that only takes a minute to get up and running.

UrbanX e-bike Converter

Coming in two distinct versions, UrbanX packs either a 240-watt (Eco) or a 350-watt (Booster) electric motor that can push your bike to speeds of 15 and 20 miles an hour, respectively. It takes the form of a smart wheel that attaches to the front axle of your bike. There are no chain drives here – it uses a direct drive mechanism that delivers full power to your bike’s front wheel, allowing you to take advantage of all available power. There’s even the UrbanX app which connects UrbanX to your iOS or Android smartphone, providing a central control interface for adjusting ride modes and an overview of your biking stats. With three pedal assist modes to choose from, UrbanX lets you customize your bike ride for a jolting speed and acceleration boost, better biking range, or a balance of both.

Made from aviation-grade aluminum – the same kind used in commercial aircraft – the UrbanX is tough and lightweight at the same time. Thanks to its lightweight construction and an efficient motor design, UrbanX can deliver a power throughput that can push up to 300 pounds of load. It’s designed for plug-and-play convenience, which you can set up in just 60 seconds. Both the Eco and Booster models carry a maximum range of 30 miles on high pedal assist mode, and can be fully charged in just 1.5 hours.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a full electric bike, UrbanX might be a better choice. It fits into any bike in just a minute, and provides essential smart e-bike features for a fraction of the cost.