BrilliantPad: Easy, worry-free smart dog potty

BrilliantPad for dogs

Being a pet dog owner can be really tough and enduring at times – especially when it comes to taking care of their potty needs. Until now, we tend to follow after our dog’s pee and poop whenever they have to. It requires a lot of patience, hard work, and a resistance to strong smells. But with the launch of a new device that takes care of your dog’s waste, it’s possible to just sit back and relax knowing that there’s something taking care of your pet. It’s called the BrilliantPad, a smart dog potty designed for low-maintenance and easy operation. Read on to know what the BrilliantPad has for pet dog owners.

Claiming itself as the world’s first self-cleaning indoor dog toilet, BrilliantPad promises to give pet dog owners an easy and convenient way of disposing their canine’s waste in a smart and environment-friendly fashion. It aims to eliminate the tedious work involved in cleaning up your pet’s waste by effectively streamlining the entire cleaning process with a one-time setup. BrilliantPad can be set up in three easy steps and requires low maintenance during part replacement or servicing. It fits almost any size pooch, including puppies as well as both small and big adult ones. The device is programmed to be automatic, meaning there’s no need for you to press buttons or even control it from a remote. All it takes is to train your dog to be comfortable on the BrilliantPad surface, and built-in sensors will activate the rolling trap to collect liquid and solid dog waste.

The technology behind BrilliantPad is simple yet advanced. Its working surface is made up of a durable roll of absorbent material that’s 80 percent thinner than conventional potty pads. This proprietary material uses a super-absorbent polymer structure to soak up liquids and dry solids upon contact. Owing to its ability to absorb up to 50 times its own weight, the potty pad in BrilliantPad requires virtually low maintenance as every pad roll can be used for weeks at a time. Upon contact with waste, the pad is pulled by a silent electric motor and goes through a locked waste collection enclave where it is compressed and dried, sealing in odor with the help of the absorbent pad material. Replacing the pads is just as easy as operating BrilliantPad itself – just pull the used pad roll assembly and replace with a new one. Virtually no odors come from the unit, which makes it suitable for placement in any part of your home.

Inspired by pet owners the world over, BrilliantPad takes away the stresses of taking care of your dog’s potty needs every single time. Perfectly suited for busy pet owners or during frequent vacations, this smart automated dog toilet ensures a safe and responsible dog waste treatment and disposal right in your home.