dbell live: Smart video doorbell

dbell live doorbell

Smart technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) enabled ordinary things, such as doors and window shades, to function like smart objects in a remotely-controlled fashion. Today, another addition to these objects is the doorbell – with the dbell live, doorbells will never be the same again. It is a device specifically designed to carry the basic functions of a door bell, while also enhancing the security of your home through its IoT-enabled smart features. dbell live sees anyone who goes at your front door from any connected device at any time.

dbell live acts as a first line of defense for your smart, connected home. By supplementing your door’s security features such as locks and knobs, dbell live informs you right away on anyone who tries to enter your door. It’s equipped with a 160-degree wide-angle high-definition camera that takes video clips and snapshots of anyone at your door, and alerts you of any untrusted or suspicious behavior. Motion sensors detect people movement and prompts you to allow door access, so you can see the most recent delivery of the mail man or let your trusted visitors in with a single tap on your smartphone or tablet. A built-in microphone and dual-speaker system allows for two-way conversations with anyone at the door.

dbell live doorbell

For some home owners, having a 24/7 record of every security footage is important. That’s why dbell live supports 24/7 recording of your front door activities, which you can instantly save into storage devices connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network or even to the most popular cloud services – no smartphone or tablet required. With this feature, you can view dbell live recordings on your computer anytime you want to. At night, dbell live records clear footages with its Night Vision feature. It enables a clear view at your front door for up to 15 feet away – helpful for seeing potential intruders who typically attack at night. As dbell live connects to your home Wi-Fi network, it’s a cinch to stream your front door’s view wherever you may be, as long as you have a cellular or Wi-Fi connection on your connected device. All of its control features are accessible with your PC, smartphone, tablet, or even with a web browser. For added peace of mind, dbell live also works with major IoT-enabled security products such as smart locks and home automation devices.

In today’s world of connected things, it’s never difficult to equip your modern home with an additional layer of security. With the dbell live, you and your family can have an added sense of security thanks to its combination of smart doorbell features and advanced security systems. You can pre-order dbell live on Indiegogo.