Inirv React: Safe and smart stove control system

Inirv React save stove

It’s a fact that most house fires are caused by cooking equipment, either due to leaving these appliances turned on for long periods of time or due to mechanical errors and failures which are beyond anyone’s control. The possibility of property damage and loss of life can be prevented with the use of smart technology that helps to proactively alert and give prompt to do the necessary actions. A combination of technologies that help prevent kitchen fires is built into Inirv React, a system of hardware and software designed that is engineered together to bring a first line of defense against common kitchen hazards in households the world over. It is the first of its kind to allow anyone to control your cooking stove right from your smartphone, helping you protect your family from potentially catastrophic effects of house fires.

Designed for the modern and connected home, Inirv React stems its aesthetic inspiration from smart technologies built into a wide variety of connected devices. It looks as good as it works – a combination of sensors and precise electronics make it a fully integrated system that intuitively assists you in ensuring a safe stove control operation. Built as two interconnected devices, Inirv React features sensor and knob units to proactively detect things like high smoke concentrations and traces of flammable gases and can turn off your stove in case something goes wrong. With its smart features like remote stove control and burner temperature modulation, Inirv React provides peace of mind that contributes to a safer cooking experience every single time.

Inirva React safe stove

The sensor unit attaches to any part of your kitchen, where it continuously detects flammable gases and smoke and sends control information to the knob unit via Bluetooth to turn the heat off whenever necessary. The knob unit attaches to your stove’s existing knob controls, where it can be triggered by the sensor unit at any time. At normal operating scenarios such as everyday cooking, the sensor and the knob units work together with the Inirv React mobile app for precise control and convenience. Right from the mobile app, it’s easy to set the right temperature for any selected burner and keep its temperature for a certain period of time. In addition, the app lets you turn the stove on and off with a single tap with the remote stove control feature – making it easier and safer to interact with your stove-top. Long-lasting rechargeable batteries on both the sensor and knob units assure you of continuous operation for prolonged periods of time, without any frequent intervention required.

With Inirv React, it’s safer to control and operate your stove and lets you focus on preparing dishes for you and your family. It also proactively reacts to emergency situations in the kitchen, giving you ample time to act upon fire hazards to prevent damages and keep you and your family safe at all times.