Qube Light Strip: Affordable smart home lighting

Qube Smart Bulb Light strip

With so many smart home solutions to choose from, it’s quite confusing for many people to pick the right ones especially fixtures to suit their homes, such as choosing their connected home lighting. Along with the dilemma of which fixtures to pick is the corresponding price tag – it’s a fact that a steep price to pay for upgrading your home fixtures is a big deciding factor on getting into one. One tech startup aims to disrupt the smart home lighting space with a bright proposition: deliver an affordable lighting solution that works exactly just like its more expensive counterparts. Introducing the Qube Light Strip, a fully flexible and expandable smart lighting solution that fits into any part of your home, at a more affordable price point.

From a design standpoint, the Qube Light Strip fits into almost any part of your home – whether on ceilings, walls, or behind other home furniture, this smart light strip is easy to configure and requires almost no maintenance. Built using a flexible, waterproof material that houses a series of individually-calibrated LED lights, it offers a uniquely discreet way of illuminating your home without being intrusive to your home’s existing design configuration. Its LED light bulbs are engineered to last for up to 50,000 hours of continuous and intermittent use, which easily qualifies it as an energy-saving smart lighting solution. The Qube Light Strip provides 1,400 lumens of effective brightness for every two meters of the LED strip, making it bright enough for a wide range of uses.

Qube Smart Light Strip

The Qube Light Strip is purposely built for a tightly integrated smart lighting scheme, which is made possible by its built-in integration to IFTTT. This integration enables you to tie it up with over 250 IoT services such as Nest, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa. Simply put, you can pair up these light strips to your favorite smart home programs – right on your phone or tablet – and wirelessly enable them to light up based on your preferences. A broad range of uses for the Qube Light Strip includes mood lighting for enjoying your music and movies, as well as setting the right amount of brightness to jumpstart your morning as you wake up. By enabling the Qube Light Strip to be controlled by your favorite IoT integration service, you can even say a voice command to set the lights when you get home right on your smartphone or watch. It pairs up nicely with your iOS and Android devices via your home’s Wi-Fi connection, so its easy to set it up in no time.

If you’re looking for an affordable upgrade to your home lighting, the Qube Light Strip offers a promising smart home lighting functionality without breaking the bank.