Muggino: The ultimate smart mug

Muggino Mugs

We all have been in situations where we ended up eating cold soups or maybe a room-temp drink. It’s such an inconvenient truth that we often tend to manage eating and drinking our favorite foods and beverages at their improper temperatures, when they can otherwise be enjoyed in the right warmth or coldness level. A group of individuals at Muggino, a Melbourne, Australia-based startup, has come up with an innovative workaround to this inconvenience: by designing and engineering a smart mug that keeps your hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold – the way they should be enjoyed. Introducing the Muggino smart mug, a grab-and-go, self-powered smart beverage container made for maintaining the perfect temperatures for your favorite beverages for hours.

Featuring a sleek aluminum enclosure that feels good on the hands, Muggino is designed for the modern-day active individual. At its heart is a patented technology engineered by Muggino from the ground up. Using principles of thermodynamics, Muggino is able to keep your hot and cold drinks (and everything in between) at their right temperatures for extended periods of time – this makes it a perfect device for busy individuals who like their coffee at their preferred warmth, or for those who love to keep their favorite juices and sodas chilly while lounging or at the outdoors. Muggino works for any kind of liquids you want to keep hot or cold, which makes it suitable not only for most beverages but for other non-conventional liquid foods such as soups or ice cream.

Engineered for an efficient beverage cooling and warming, the patented technology behind Muggino is able to take any beverage of your choice and get them to the temperature you want – even when they come too cold or too hot. Say you poured in a relatively warm bottle of your favorite juice drink and you wanted to chill it as quickly as possible – Muggino is able to efficiently take the heat out of your drinks and set it at your preferred temperature. A simple yet economical waste heat recovery system makes this a reality, preventing heat from being wasted to the outside surroundings, and makes use of this heat to generate more power to keep it going for several hours on a single charge. Working hand in hand with the Muggino smart mug is the MuggiApp mobile app, where you can fine-tune the beverage temperature preferences you want, helping you enjoy your beverages the way they should be.

With the Muggino smart mug, it’s easy to enjoy your hot coffee or cold beer anywhere and anytime you want.