Tittle X: Learn or enhance your golf game

Tittle X golf game

Playing golf can be a lot of fun. However, it takes a very long time to learn the game and some would say a lifetime to master. Most people start learning golf by hitting hundreds of balls into a net just to get accustom to swinging a golf club. From there, its off to a golf range to continue to learn more about proper technique of hitting the ball. Why would anyone want to endure such a long journey to play a sport?  There are countless reasons such as being outdoors, picturesque scenery, family time, great for social of business events, and its a pure challenge.

Cost is another variable in golf and its a fairly expensive game, from the equipment to the course fees. The good news is there a a product called Tittle X which can help you improve your game, is fairly inexpensive and you can use it indoors as well as outdoors. Tittle X is a small and lightweight devices that attaches to any golf club. The devices is used in conjunction with a simulator that will provide you with important data about every swing you take. The beauty about Tittle X is that you do not need to hit a golf ball to generate any data. This is great for people that do not have an indoor net or just want to take some swings and to learn vital information.

Tittle X golf game

In conjunction with E6 software, which is made by a company called TruGolf you can see where your golf ball would have landed on the greens and get important information such as head speed, swing type, carry distance, and swing path. Golf simulators are normally extremely costly, however, with Tittle X and E6 software –  just about everyone can afford to learn the game of golf or improve their craft.

The simulator offers countless 3D rendered ‘real-world’ golf courses. The Tittle X app for iOS and Android make it a breeze to use and you will need a PC to use on the same WiFi network. Once you connect, you will immediately be excited about watching the golf ball fly, while in the comfort of your own home of office. Tittle X seems like a fantastic product that everyone can use to improve their golf swing and enhance their overall game.