Chipolo Plus: Never lose your valuables again

Chipolo Valuables

It is a bit of a pain to look for something when we need it in a hurry – worse, when we forget where we placed it before. This is true especially for small items such as keys and wallets, or even our phones. Luckily, a company has created a solution around this small yet common problem. The Chipolo Plus is a tiny Bluetooth tracker that clings onto any desired item, such as keys, wallets, phones, or any valuables you have, so you can easily locate these commonly misplaced things in a matter of seconds. No more sweating from looking for your small items.

Chipolo Plus is a tiny device that looks like a token chip. Roughly the size of a penny or a bit larger, it weighs next to nothing and feels incredibly thin. It’s really small, so you can fit it into most of your belongings. It can be attached three ways: in your key-chain, slip it into something, or stick it to surfaces. But don’t let the size fool you – this wireless Bluetooth tracker is rated to burst out the loudest audible alarm whenever it’s triggered. Whenever it’s summoned, 100 decibels of alarm sound emanates from the tiny plastic chip, making it easy for you to locate your items from the sound source. The tracker is water-resistant thanks to IP5 standards, and there’s no charging required as it works maintenance-free.

This smart tracker makes it easy to locate any item, especially phones on silent mode. Chipolo Plus can trigger the alarm on your smartphone if you’ve ever misplaced or lost it. A double press on the tracker will send an alarm triggering your smartphone with the same sound pattern – it works even if you’ve put your smartphone on silent mode.

Working hand in hand with the tracker is the Chipolo mobile app for your iOS or Android device. The app makes it easy for you to keep track of your items, activate your Chipolo unit, and connect up to 9 of them in a single device – much like a virtual “keychain” for your most valuable things. From the app, you can ring your Chipolo-connected items within a 200-feet radius, keep a record of your item’s last location, and even let other Chipolo users to find your lost item and get it back to you as soon as they could.

The Chipolo Plus is a convenient way to track and find your items quickly. You can be sure never to lose your belongings again, thanks to its loud alarm and an easy to use companion mobile app.