Bonjour: Not your ordinary alarm clock

Bonjour Alarm Clock

Before Smartphones, most of us used traditional alarm clocks to wake up in the morning. Whether heading to work, school, an appointment, we could always rely on our simple alarm clock to wake us up. The clock would display the time of day, and then you would set what time you wanted the alarm to wake you up. As years passed and technology improved, the biggest break through was adding a radio to clocks. For those that are old enough to remember, for many this was one of those ‘that is so cool’ moments – hard to believe but true. As technology has continued to change countless industries and devices, there is now a new alarm clock to help wake you up in the morning and its called Bonjour.

For those that do not speak any French, Bonjour means hello or good day. In this case Bonjour is the name of a new smart Alarm Clock and also is using artificial intelligence to make your life easier. With Bonjour you simple talk to the device to set the time you want to wake up. Ever want to do an outdoor activity on the weekend such as running or hiking, only to find that you woke up to terrible weather? Not a problem with Bonjour, you can tell the device to wake you up at a certain time only if the weather is good. Otherwise, enjoy sleeping in for a change due to poor weather.

Bonjour is more then just it clock, the purpose is to also make your live better and easier. Other cool features include tracking traffic for your morning commute and suggestions from the device to leave your home earlier than normal due to an accident or congestion. What to hear some music? Just talk out loud and say the type of music you want to hear, and it will start playing. Bonjour uses Spotify or web-radio stations to play your favorite tunes with two built in speaker and a bass radiator that promises to fill your room with quality sound.

Bonjour Alarm Clock

You can also integrate your other smart devices in your home such as thermostat or lighting. Tell Bonjour to set the temperature in your home to adjust at a certain time, or to have specific lights come up when you need to wake it and its done for you. There is also a feature to connect to certain home security devices that use cameras and have it on your display right next to your bed for peace of mind comfort. As you continue to use your smart alarm clock over time, it will learn more about your daily habits and then the device will make suggestions to make your morning more enjoyable and easier to manage.

Bonjour seems to have an interesting recipe to take a traditional alarm clock and combine it with countless uses that we want to enhance our daily lives.