WeatherHYDE: All-weather, all-purpose tent

WeatherHYDE Tents

With so many families around the world that have no stable or permanent shelter, tents come as a viable alternative. Tents are easy to deploy and can hold an entire family without having to wait for housing  that take months to complete. But there has never been any kind of tent that is able to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions, such as near or below freezing temperatures, and extremely hot and humid climates. Until now that WeatherHYDE has come as a housing solution for many displaced and homeless people all over the world.

The WeatherHYDE tent has been designed not just to take in a regularly-sized family of up to five members, it’s also made to give a comfortable staying experience whatever the weather may be. Its spacious interior gives ample room for up to five people, along with a relatively easy setup process. You can go from nothing to camping in under 15 minutes – this comes extremely useful in emergency situations where temporary shelter deployments are at a high priority. The insulation was engineered to withstand both extremely cold and hot temperatures, with a triple-layer skin that works by either deflecting heat in the summer or effectively trapping bodily heat in the winter.

Safety and privacy also comes as a top feature of the WeatherHYDE tent. Women and children need not worry about being watched in their silhouettes from the outside, as the triple-layer skin helps to prevent casting shadows from the interior. It’s made to be tough to stand against harsh winds, just by simply putting water or sand along the external perimeter frame. Even without ground anchoring, which makes it suitable for all kinds of terrain, WeatherHYDE stays composed and secure with its light yet rigid UPVC frame structure. Built-in reflector details and accents make it truly visible even in night conditions, so it’s easy to be spotted for relief operations or be visible from the driving and walking public.

WeatherHYDE Tents

Not only the WeatherHYDE tent is primarily designed to be an alternative shelter for homeless and displaced individuals, but also as an emergency shelter for natural calamities or disasters, or as a comfortable camping tent that is flexible with any terrain and easy to set up. It’s designed to be low-maintenance, which makes it serviceable even without the use of tools. The triple-layer skin was also designed to take even the heaviest of downpours, with a rated rainfall capacity of up to 300 millimeters of rain per hour.

Tents have been well-known for its portability, but WeatherHYDE has defined the tent again to set a standard for a comfortable and safe portable shelter. With an all-weather design, safety and privacy features, and an easy-to-deploy structure, the WeatherHYDE tent provides a life-saving, ergonomic, and convenient all-terrain shelter in every way.