An app to help all students with Math

Graphlock math

If you are teenager then chances are you have had to hear your parents complaining about the cost of purchasing a scientific & graphing calculator. And if you are a parent that has had to purchase one, you know it can be very costly. Unfortunately, many families cannot afford to purchase one of these required calculators, let alone the replacement cost if it breaks, gets lost or stolen. It is reported that more than 31 million students in United States are growing up in low income families.

Schools are still requiring students to purchase a graphing calculator which can cost more than $100.00. This makes learning math very expensive and unfortunately, many cannot afford it.

A Math Professor from Arizona whose name is Mallory Dyer is the Co-Founder and CEO of a company called GraphLock – which has been able to create a solution for parents and students. GraphLock is a patent-pending scientific & graphing calculator app. The app possesses unique features with its lock-down mode and classroom monitoring.

When in lock-down mode, students can only use the calculator app. This makes it secure and ideal for use in high school and college classrooms and on exams. Simply put, lock-down mode means just that – no calls, texts, no internet, no other apps, just the calculator. Teachers will have comfort and peace of mind because the app includes a classroom monitoring system. This allows teachers to start and stop the lock-down mode all at the same time. The teacher or monitor can simply set the lock-down for the length of the class and once the class has ended, all of the students have full access to their devices as soon as the timer goes off.

Approximately, 86% of all college students now own a Smartphone and 80% of high school students do as well. Those that do not own a phone often do have access to a tablet or other device from school. Having the GraphLock app can save the expensive cost associated with purchasing a scientific & graphing calculator. One of the many reasons Mallory Dyer created the GraphLock app is she felt it was heartbreaking to watch students struggle and fail simply because their family could not afford the required calculators. She also commented that it is frustrating as a teacher to witness students give up and lose confidence in math.

The mission of GraphLock app is to save parents money while allowing all students to have the same opportunity to reach their full potential in math.