Amp.i.Am: Amplify your iPhone audio experience


Music is an integral part of our daily lives. We listen to music all the time using our portable devices, such as Smartphones and tablets. The iPhone, being one of the most popular Smartphones on the planet, can also be called the most far-reaching music player we have right now. The audio quality from the iPhone is enough to satisfy many, but some users can hear the difference between a good quality sound and a high-quality sound.

This gap can be bridged with a signal amplifier – however, some are quite clunky and require a battery to run. Helping to bridge this gap is an audio amplifier for iOS devices: it’s called Amp.i.Am. It’s a tiny cable that plugs right into the Lightning port of your iOS device, so you can still use your existing headphones and enjoy upgraded sound quality without the need to charge it up.

Amp.i.Am is the lightest audio amplifier that doesn’t require a built-in power source. It uses the Lightning port of your iPhone or iPad, and takes its power from the device itself while simultaneously delivering audio signals from your device to any pair of earphones or headphones you have. It works with any kind of headphones – be it the stock EarPods or your high-end listening headphones.


It’s also certified to work with any iOS device that has a Lightning port in it. Thanks to its C68 connector with Made For iPhone (MFi) certification, compatibility isn’t an issue to get better audio from your iOS device. In addition, music controls are also built right into the cable itself, much like the EarPods. You can still have full control over your audio, such as play and pause, scroll forward and backward, and even answer and reject phone calls.

You might wonder if this could drain your device’s battery: it won’t. Amp.i.Am is built to work with an extremely low current, which means it sips as little power as possible from your iOS device. It works with a wide range of audio formats, from good-old MP3 to AAC and the lossless, high-quality FLAC format. Audiophiles are also in for a treat with this tiny device – Amp.i.Am is able to handle high-resolution audio with up to 24-bit, 192-kHz encoding and sampling rate. You can expect your high-quality audio get even better.

It may be tiny, but it promises to deliver an upgraded listening experience for every iOS device user. Amp.i.Am is lightweight yet heavy on features, promising to deliver crisper and clearer audio through your usual pair of earphones.