Mune: Acoustic-inspired digital music instrument

Mune Music

Everyone enjoys music, however, only a small percentage knows how to make it. Learning how to play musical instruments can be daunting for some due to a variety of reasons. Some are intimidated by difficulties, while others just can’t hit the tune easily. But a new startup is changing the way we make music, in a way that almost anyone can do it. Introducing Mune, a digital music maker heavily inspired by acoustic roots. It combines the capabilities of digital synthesizers and other electric musical instruments, while keeping a simple approach thanks to its classic design. It’s new meets old.

Mune is targeted to almost anyone who likes to make music, or wants to learn how to create music from scratch. It caters to a wide range of users, from beginner to advanced. It takes the form of an electric guitar – sans the strings – which gives a good grip and an ergonomic nature. While it takes a single form factor, Mune is able to deliver a variety of sounds, from the classical piano to digital synths to drums. The hardware beneath it makes the musical magic happen. First, a combination of 24 touch sensors strategically placed on its side allows easy manipulation of sound patterns that you can define yourself. Next, an accelerometer inside determines Mune’s relative placement on your hands, lap, or any surface, and adjusts the playing mechanism depending on your orientation.

The software that runs Mune is also clever and advanced. It allows you to connect your computer to Mune, and with supported music making programs like GarageBand, Traktor, Ableton Live, and Resolume, you can use Mune to control these applications. And because Mune’s software is made to be open-source, third party developers can take advantage of its hardware and create a variety of software enhancements or to be customized from the ground up.

Mune Music

Like the music it can create, Mune is designed to be lively with lights. There are 84 individual LEDs built right into the active side of the Mune, accompanying what you play. So whenever you tap into one of its touch sensors, the LED lighting illuminates based on your actions.

Hooking up your Mune to your computer is easy. By default, you can connect Mune to your PC via a USB connection. But thanks to built in Bluetooth wireless, Mune makes it possible for you to make music free from wires. It can be operated within a range of 160 feet, while maintaining the same audio fidelity it delivers. In addition, Mune can be used continuously for up to 6 hours without wires, making it possible to bring anywhere your music takes you.

While complexity still exists in playing musical instruments, Mune takes the difficult part out of the equation and brings a user-friendly approach to creating music.