Moorebot: Proactive personal robot

Moorebot Robot

Artificial intelligence is all around us today – in fact we’re using it to help us in doing various day-to-day tasks. Popular examples of AI include Siri, Alexa, and Google Now, which proactively respond to our commands. While these personal assistants live in the software realm, robots, on the other hand, are physical representations of AI. They do things for you, such as carrying items or cleaning a room. There have been developments in robots that let them do so much more, such as responding to your actions just like a human would. It’s the aim of Moorebot, a proactive personal robot that’s fun to use, and interacts with your every move.

Moorebot is an eye robot, with a chunk of its form taking the shape of an eye. This part is the gateway to its cool features. It’s also compact to fit in almost any part in your home, office, or shop. The “eye” senses actions and gestures in proximity, and aptly responds based on the input. With voice commands, you can tell Moorebot a lot of things – from random stuff to jokes, it will move its eye depending on the mood of its response. Say you want to tell a joke – Moorebot will respond happily by mimicking a laughing face expression. In addition, it can respond with a variety of expressions, and you just have to ask for it.

Voice commands is at the heart of Moorebot. Its voice recognition engine enables a wide range of interactions. You can play games with it, let the robot tell a story for you, or even play a fun music piece with matching eye expressions. Third-party developers can also tap into Moorebot’s SDK, so customizing what it can do can be limitless.

Behind the “eye” is a high-resolution camera able to capture up to 1080p video and crystal-clear photos. Moorebot uses this camera to interact with anyone, or be used to monitor a certain room for a variety of purposes – even from a distance, thanks to a peer-to-peer connection.

Security comes as a top priority for Moorebot. While many AI devices have always-on cameras, which for some people come as a privacy concern, the device will only see what’s within its viewpoint when its lid is open – and stops seeing anything while it’s closed.

A companion app is available for Android and iOS devices, letting you control Moorebot freely and set commands to run automatically. With the app, you can also stream what it sees, so you can monitor a room even from anywhere.

Moorebot is a great personal robot that does a lot of things for you, with just your voice. The development of AI is steadily growing, and Moorebot is on track to what we can expect in the future.