i.dime: The ultimate iPhone’s storage boost

i.dime iphone

Many of us own at least one iPhone. It’s like the Swiss army knife of smartphones – with lots of functionality built into a thin and light device you can take with you anywhere. Yes, you can do so much with it, but the only thing that could limit you is storage. For example, with the latest iPhones that can shoot high-fidelity, high-resolution 4K video, a 30-minute footage can take up to 16 gigabytes – that’s equivalent to the base model iPhone if you won’t put any files on it. Fortunately, as memory solutions are getting cheaper over time, some startups have thought about giving the iPhone its ever-needed storage boost without consumers spending too much. Introducing i.dime, a dime-sized storage boost solution for iPhones. It’s so small, it doesn’t get in the way of how you use your phone, yet giving the benefit of added storage so you can do more. You can finally say goodbye to the “Storage Almost Full” pop-up.

i.dime is a solution to iPhone’s lack of storage expandability, a known fact about iPhones since its inception. As Apple tightly controls its hardware, iPhones don’t have the option to expand its memory with, say, microSD cards. But i.dime is about to change how iPhones deal with expandable storage, as it comes in a very tiny form factor that magnetically attaches to an included smartphone shell housing. With the i.dime case and the i.dime storage unit attached, you can attach your iPhone via its Lightning port and your phone will instantly recognize an added storage unit for you to store your photos, music, and videos, as well as your documents.

You can have i.dime in four storage capacities: 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and a large 256GB option. Every storage module unit is rated to have a read speed of 95 MB per second, and an equally fast write speed of 90 MB per second. With these speeds, i.dime promises minimal lag between capturing your content and storing them on your iPhone. An added feature of the i.dime storage module is that it can be used as an external flash drive with an optional USB thumb drive accessory. This accessory lets you share your files across a variety of devices, from Android smartphones and tablets to your PC or Mac.

With i.dime, your iPhone can have more storage than ever before. Storage options up to 256GB lets you store hundreds of thousands of photos, hours of high-res video, and more with just a small yet blazing-fast storage accessory. i.dime lets you do so much more with your iPhone – you might wonder what you’ve ever did without it.