SCUBAJET: Portable jet engine for water sports


Have you ever spent the day using a Canoe or a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) only to find that after a short period of time you became tired ? Let’s face it, you can be in the best shape and after a while, your arms can get tired from the constant movement. A startup out of Austria has come up with a new product called the SCUBAJET which adds a new element to outdoor water activities.

SCUBAJET is a portable jet engine that can be used for countless water activities. It can attach with ease to a Canoe, Dinghy, Raft, SUP and can also be used for  diving.  The device is battery powered and is very lightweight – less than 5.5 lbs. The portable jet has a battery life of approximately 1.5 hours and there are a couple of different operating modes. The Eco mode – since the power unit is completely emission-free and barely audible, you can use it on protected waters without damaging the peace and quiet of sea life. You also have Power mode –  which allows for short sprints which are  perfect for high speed fun on the water. Moreover, this can help you to get back to shore safely when the weather turns stormy.

SCUBAJET is operated by a water resistant remote control. The jet will shut off if the remote control is a certain distance from the remote control. This insurances that your water craft will not run-off in another direction if you are not in complete control. The remote control is a plug and play system that allows you to start, stop and choose different speeds while in operation.  Imagine you are on your SUP cruising along and just using your paddle to steer? Then when you have more energy, you can continue to paddle under your own steam.


The point of SCUBAJET is not to make you lazy while performing a favorite activity on a river, lake or ocean. Yet, to provide you with more fun while operating your water craft and adding a level of safety. The jet engine gives you the flexibility to add another dimension to the outdoors and increase your level of excitement while on or in the water. There are times when you will want to shut off SCUBAJET while on the water and other times you will be happy that you have it.

SCUBAJET jet engine seems like a great device that will change certain outdoor water crafts for the better, and will also give you peace of mind while on the water.