WeOn Selfie Glasses: Stick-free selfies

WeOn Selfie

Want to take great selfies but you don’t wish to carry around a selfie stick with you? It’s easy and fuss-free with the WeOn Selfie Glasses. WeOn Glasses is a pair of designer sunglasses that features a remote shutter button for you to take selfies more easily and  while having more fun. It double-duties as a pair of fashionable sunglasses that easily matches your outfit, and as a selfie shutter to capture your best moments anywhere, anytime and hands-free.

What sets WeOn Selfie Glasses apart from the usual remote shutter is that it disguises as a pair of trendy eye-wear, which you can take to easily impress your family and friends. It’s made from a lightweight, polycarbonate material that’s strong yet virtually weighs next to nothing. It tips the scale at just 27 grams, yet it’s very strong and durable as it is lightweight. With its ultra-portability, you will no longer worry about taking a relatively bulky selfie stick just to take selfies. Another advantage it offers is that you can take it almost anywhere without restrictions, as countless places usually ban selfie sticks for security reasons. With WeOn, you can capture your greatest moments without limits.

As a remote camera shutter, WeOn is widely compatible with almost any portable gadget. It uses the latest Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy wireless protocol with a range of 90 meters. With built-in support for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, you can use it with almost any smartphone or tablet. In addition, there’s no complicated app installs or setups involved – just pair it using Bluetooth like you normally would, and you can use WeOn to take photos once it’s paired. In just a few steps, you can have great-looking selfies without the complexity.

WeOn Selfie

The WeOn Selfie Glasses are still a pair of sunglasses at heart. And even with a smart shutter feature, it maintains its duty as a pair of glasses that protects your eyes from the harmful rays of the Sun, as well as from dust and soot particles in the air. It’s equipped with a pair of 100% UV400-rated polarized lenses that takes care of your eyes under the Sun. For the makers of WeOn Glasses, your eyes is the number one priority.

As WeOn also takes pride in the design of the WeOn Selfie Glasses, they offer a variety of styles to fit every individual. The WeOn Selfie Glasses is available in three distinct collections, each offering a variety of lens colors to suit your mood and style.

WeOn Selfie Glasses is a novel idea when it comes to great-looking selfies. It doubles as a trendy fashion accessory and a remote camera shutter whenever you need it. With a lightweight construction and an easy-press shutter, you can forget you’re wearing them while capturing your best moments.