Edison 3D: Watch 3D content on your 2D TV

Edison 3D TV

HDTV’s have hugely developed since their inception, and some have 3D rendering capabilities built right in. However, most TV’s are 2D TV’s with HD resolutions at the very least but without any fancy features. 3D HDTV’s are cool – but their price isn’t very attractive for most people. That’s where the Edison 3D console comes in: it’s an affordable solution for your 2D TV or projector to render any content in 3D, from TV shows and movies to video games.

Bringing the 3D experience to any 2D TV or projector without the high cost was the driving force behind Edison 3D. You can experience 3D in select theaters or with 3D TVs, but many people just can’t afford watching 3D content all the time. But Edison 3D aims to change that by being a cost-effective solution across a wide range of media content.

The Edison 3D console is a 2D to 3D content converter which plugs right into your existing HDTV or projector via an HDMI connection. It acts as a pass-through device that directly processes the 2D video feed from your media device, such as a set-top box or a game console, and converts it to 3D to your TV – without any complicated hardware setup needed. Edison 3D is a simple upgrade to improve your media consumption experience on your TV or projector, eliminating the need to cash out for an expensive 3D TV set.

It uses active shutter technology, similar to what is used in consumer 3D TVs available. Edison 3D works with 3D active shutter glasses, which synchronizes together to create a sense of depth for any kind of content. Edison 3D comes with a pair of 3D active shutter glasses, so you can experience watching 3D content right out of the box.

Edison 3D works with all kinds of HDTVs and projectors, as well as with smartphones and computers via an HDMI connection. It renders full 1080P HD content at 60Hz, with support for 720P HD resolution as well. You can also adjust the 3D depth with the included remote, so you can fully customize your 3D experience across your content. A simple setup for the console itself and a calibration process for the included active shutter glasses will get you to watching 3D from your existing 2D content in no time.

Edison 3D is a great alternative for enjoying 3D content in the comforts of your home, without spending too much. With this, you can immerse even more with the content you love.