Pebblebee Finder: Helps track everything

At one point or another we all seem to lose things. The most common thing we always seems to misplace are keys. Whether its house keys, car keys, office keys – it just seems that those are the first things that get lost in between the couch or left in odd places that make us say “how did those get there?”

Pebblebee Finder has a great device to help you solve the problem of not only for lost keys, but anything that you can attach to, using their small tracking device. You can attach Pebblebee finder to camera equipment, a travel or gym bag, a purse and even a dog collar. If you have lost an item, use the Pebblee Finder app for Android or iOS  to track you lost items. The  device will sound off when triggered  by the app and you can then hear the loud and distinct noise that will lead you to your lost item. No more worrying of being late for an important appointment simply because you had a memory lapse.

Pebblebee colors

One of the more interesting things is the design of the Pebblebee Finder. It is made from Surgical Stainless Steel and it about the size of the a quarter. The device actually looks like a piece or jewelry or a fashion accessory,  and you would never know its a tracking device.

We also found the reverse tracking feature to be incredibly helpful. How this works is if you misplaced your Smartphone, you can simply click the button on the device itself,  and you will hear a noise from your phone to help you  locate it.  Another great feature is even when the app is closed, it will show where you last had your Pebblee Finder.  With this fashion forward device, you never will have to worry about misplacing lost items again.