Ampple: Stereo sound for your iPad

Ample for iPad

If you have an iPad, chances are you really enjoying using it. However, if you could change one things about it, what would it be? Most would agrees that the sound quality is not very good. Unfortunately, low quality sound has been a problem on a few apple products in the past. Many would describe the sound as “tinny” and at times when the sound level  is turned up or “too loud”,  it can giving you an irritating feeling or sense, The reason for this is no bass or mid-range. At one point or another, you probably held your iPad next to your ear. Or, you may have coupled your hand under the speaker to try to create a better projected sounds.

This may be the solution for your iPad.

Ampple is a Bluetooth stereo speaker case providing a superior HD sound system for almost all iPads (minus the original iPad and iPad Pro 12.9). Ampple the sound is three (3) times louder and can be heard from more than sixty (60) feet away. The battery last for ten (10) hours of continues play. The case is form-fitting and and does not seem to add any bulk. And there is ‘bass’ as well in the sound.


Ampple for iPad

A lot of people enjoy using their iPad while in the kitchen. At times the noise level of working in the kitchen or other space can get pretty loud. Ammple has a professional grade sound correction algorithm to provide true high definition (HD) sound.The stereo speaker case is sleek in design and provides great sound quality. Listeners will not only hear the difference, they will truly enjoy the massive upgrade in sound.

If you have an iPad then chances you have at one point or another purchased a simple protective case. With Ammple you get so much more !!!