Ori Massachusetts, USA

We create Expandable Apartments

Welcome to Ori

Ori was launched out of the MIT Media Lab to respond to the challenges of urban density. Ori designs spaces that are more flexible, sustainable, affordable and desirable. We have developed technology and design systems and products that create intelligent and responsive spaces.   

Our goal is to empower people to live large in a small footprint. We are tackling a big, complex problem. But we are an intrepid group with shared values focused on a mission to vastly improve urban living both in terms of experience and affordability. We all share the audacious belief that through creativity, ingenuity and perseverance we can bend the arc of an industry to improve lives.  

Ori's Reviews
Alex Muti

Sep 06, 2023

Alex Muti
star star star star star

Their support is great and highly recommended...

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