BRAIN+: The smart way to train your brain

Brain Plus Smart

Our brain is an amazing part of our body, since it’s heavily responsible for all the simple and complex tasks that we do every day. Not only that it is the power behind everything that we do, but it also plays a role in shaping up and maintaining our overall well-being. A healthy brain is a great match to a healthy body, giving a boost of our ability to concentrate properly, relax, and remember lots of things for a long period of time. One device aims to help you achieve a well-rounded and healthy brain function – it’s called BRAIN+. BRAIN+ is a smart neurofeedback device that targets specific areas of the brain to boost concentration, memory, and meditation.

How BRAIN+ works is simple, yet it provides a great breadth of information about how your brain performs. Using the same electroencephalogram (EEG) technology being used in a clinical setting, BRAIN+ gauges your brain’s functions by reading your brain waves – similar to how your blood pressure is taken, the only difference is that BRAIN+ senses the level of brain activity in real time. The EEG technology is then paired with custom-tailored and clinically-approved brain training sessions, which together makes for a cognitive exercise that can help you improve your brain power and boost your brain health – quite literally.

Brains Plus Smart

The BRAIN+ device, which comes in an elastic headband, works in parallel with the companion tablet and the BRAIN+ app. It takes for you to wear the headband, fire up the app on the tablet, and you will be presented with three main session categories (Concentration, Relaxation, Memory). Training tasks include focusing your mind on a dimly-lit candle; the more you focus on the candle itself, the more it lights up. Just by using your mindpower, BRAIN+ lets you play games and do training tasks – no haptic interaction required. You can also see your training stats via the Measurement section, where your individual scores and overall progress can be viewed easily and be shared with others.

BRAIN+ targets certain types of people who would benefit from the advantages of EEG technology right from the comforts of their home. These include children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity syndrome (ADHD), elderly people, and people who want to boost their cognitive function and overall productivity at work. This device can also be used for relaxation purposes, as there are included training sessions that allow anyone to unplug themselves from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and be in a state of sheer relaxation.