BitBounce: Keep spam emails at bay

Bitbounce for emails

It can be quite an ordeal to juggle with lots of emails a day, especially when you’re personal or business affairs are revolving around it. Adding to that is the proliferation of spam emails, which, quite frankly, is a thing that should have been faded into oblivion a very long time ago. Luckily with newly evolving innovations designed to improve our productivity and quality of living, we can be confident that dealing with spam emails can be a thing of the past for the coming years. One of these innovations is a service called BitBounce, a spam email solution that leverages the power of a new form of financial exchange called the cryptocurrency. It keeps your inbox free from spam emails, so you can focus on the real people you communicate with on a regular basis.

For those of you who aren’t much familiar with the term “cryptocurrency”, here’s a quick getting-to-know: cryptocurrency is a relatively secure and futuristic form of digital currency that is never regulated by banks nor controlled by certain individuals or corporations – instead, it is a free form of money exchange that values itself through its network of users. With this, those who buy, own, or sell cryptocurrency, just like real money, are entitled to a value that corresponds to their purchase or exchange. It’s fairly secure and convenient as well, since it only revolves around the cryptocurrency network and not handled by middlemen such as banks and credit unions.

You may ask, how does BitBounce use cryptocurrency for its benefit? There’s only one answer: controlling spam. BitBounce uses a proprietary form of cryptocurrency called Credo, which is similar to Bitcoin, the most popular type of cryptocurrency. This service charges spam email senders with a user-specified fee, which starts as low as 0.01 Credo. If the sender of the spam-labeled email agrees to pay the amount to make the email push through, the receiver then is notified of the transaction, and sees the previously spam-labeled email in their inbox. This is particularly convenient for users who frequently receive spam email, or are having a really hard time trying to filter out which ones are legitimate mails and which ones aren’t.

Signing up to BitBounce is free of charge, and there’s an option to link the user’s Coinbase account to the service for automated transfer of paid Credo units. BitBounce supports a broad range of email account services such as Google, iCloud, Yahoo, Outlook, and Microsoft Exchange, among others. Using the service prompts you to provide BitBounce access to your mail, such as receiving and sending mail, as well as deleting them. It may put off some users who give emphasis on privacy, but BitBounce guarantees that these permissions are put in place to make the entire service work as advertised.

If you’re looking for an easy solution to filter out your inboxes while also getting paid for the process, BitBounce is a service worth looking at.