KnittBar: The Truly Connected Smart Power Bar

KnittBar in action

Power bars, also known as power strips, are electrical devices that allow you to plug in multiple items into a single power source. It is a proven space saver, and many of these devices also have a surge protector built-in to prevent electrical damage, such as a potential harm from a thunderstorm.

Its true that power bars are truly convenient in saving space and managing clutter, as well as protecting your precious electronics from electrical spikes. But try to imagine an IoT-enabled power bar that understands your habits and adapts to it, so you can have full control of how a power bar should be. This is made possible thanks to a reinvention of the humble power strip, called KnittBar.

KnittBar is a new kind of power bar – one that is smart and truly connected to your devices. It adapts to your usage habits, and understands how and when to supply the right amount of power to your electronics. It also gives a comprehensive overview about your electronics’ health, and with the Knitt app, it gives remote automation capabilities letting you tick the switch for almost any power-connected device you might have – right in your fingertips.

To boot, the KnittBar features a modular design, one that is truly flexible to your power needs. Thanks to the modular design, it is infinitely adjustable depending to your usage requirements. For example, you can have a normal AC plug alongside two USB 3.0-compliant charging ports – letting you plug any AC electronics and charge your smartphone at the same time.

Along with these standard modules, KnittBar also features an environmental sensor module, which detects ambient conditions like humidity, temperature, and the amount of lighting present in a room or space. This module then lets the smart power bar to adapt itself with any plugged electronic devices, saving power. The KnittBar also has a surge protector module to prevent electrical spikes from damaging any electronics.

Knittbar showcase

The true magic and smart capabilities of the KnittBar starts with the Knitt companion app available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices. From the app, the user has infinite control for automating devices, so you can set your electronics when to turn on or off. It also gives a comprehensive overview of your electricity usage, and adapts to it to save energy. And as many of us almost forget to plug out our devices, Knitt also gives reminders to turn it off depending on your usage habits.

To make it truly connected with your smart home devices, KnittBar features integration across many IoT-connected devices, such as smart dimmable LED lightbulbs, thermostats, and even to proprietary home automation APIs like Apple’s HomeKit. With the KnittBar paired to HomeKit, for example, you can use your iOS device to switch the power bar on or off via Siri. The developers behind KnittBar are working to broaden support for many other IoT-compliant devices and platforms.

KnittBar is a modern evolution of the standard power strip, and it aims to live the promise of a smart, connected power bar that adapts to your connected lifestyle and helps you to get the most out of your electronics.