About Us

At TechStartups.com, we like to think we are different then the ‘norm’.

We do love learning about new things in Tech. With a name like TechStartups.com who wouldn’t be excited?

Based on the East Coast (in between NYC and Boston), we realizes that when it comes to technology, the world is bigger than the Santa Clara Valley. We also aim to uncover meaningful content that the provincial Silicon Valley blogs may choose to ignore.

We enjoy working with other entrepreneurs and seeing new ideas come to life. We do not like to be involved in the politics that sometimes come along with being in the tech space. We simply want to report on topics and help entrepreneurs along the way.

Our posts might be short and to the point,  other times they might be over the top and lengthy. We are not striving to be perfect as “tech” should be about fun, innovation and creating for the future. We also will  follow the Crowdfunding space and a big part of what we will post about will feature select Crowdfunding Campaigns & projects. Our goal is to be a part tech Crowdfunding Aggregator and part tech media outlet.

Help us build a new and different destination by becoming a frequent visitor to TechStartups.com.