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There are more than 6 million apps in the App Store and Google Play. Think about that number for a second……6 million apps. For an ‘app user’ or consumer that loves to download (apps), that is a overwhelming amount of apps to choose from. Chances are only a tiny fraction of apps will ever make money.

The reason is very simple – many app developers feel they do not need to market their app. Just because you launch an app that does not mean that someone is going to find it. An app is like any other business, it needs to be promoted. Did you also know there are thousands of new apps being released every single day? New apps are being released by the minute and if your app is not being marketed, it’s never going to get noticed.

Here are 5 app marketing tips to help your app:

1. Have a modern looking website that showcases your app:

Many app users will first look a website of an app or app developer. If an app has a great looking website, then chances are the app is well made. Many times developers do not have a website and that is one reason why someone might not get downloads for their app. Create a website site that really describes what your app does and include as many pictures as possible. A website is a preview of your app so make it count.

2. Use social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram:

Everyone uses social media because it’s free to promote an app. Remember that you do not want to ‘spam’ or post 10 things per day, that is a sure way to lose followers. Post items about your app and explain highlights and features of the app. Use social media to promote other app developers and ask them to do the same.

3. Make a video that shows your app in action:

It has become very cost effective to make a video about your app. And be sure your video shows the functionality of your app and highlights of various features. Your app video can be posted on YouTube for free, and you can use it as part of your app marketing on your website. There is nothing better than giving the public a real life and working video to show your app and why they should want to download it.

4. Issue a press release about your app:

There are many services for press release distribution. Companies such as, BusinessWire, and PRnewswire all can distribute your press release to countless of news and media outlets. This is a chance to have writers report and publish articles about your app. Make sure your press release has that ‘wow’ factor to grab the attention of writers. Media outlets receive thousands of releases for consideration daily, so make sure your app announcement stands out.

5. Use app marketing companies to help spread the word about your app.

There are many companies that assist with app marketing. App discovery platforms such as help developers with all aspects of app marketing. These types of companies are a perfect outlet to get your app noticed. While most app developers are focused on making their app and getting it released, app marketing companies are focused on getting downloads for apps.

If you follow some of all of these app marketing suggestions you will ahead of the curve in the overcrowded and highly competitive app space.

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