Chat-Me-In: Keep your active life in sync

Chat - Me - In App

It’s hard to keep your family and friends in the loop when you’re busy juggling between work and play. Never fret, as one new app can change the way how you manage your day and bring fun interactions with the people that matter to you. Introducing Chat-Me-In, a revolutionary app that lets you become aware of the things in your day in a fun and engaging way.

Chat-Me-In is a fresh take on how calendars and reminders work through its visual-social timeline philosophy. In a nutshell, Chat-Me-In easily keeps your friends and family fully informed of what’s going on with your daily schedule – not just through simple notifications but through the use of real-time photos, videos, instant messaging, and rich emoticons. In a single app, anyone can let other people know their schedule in an immersive and more personal way. The app was founded by a single mom who wants to keep in touch with her kids in ways that are beyond simple calendar event notifications.

The last thing you’d want to happen is for people to forget your most important events, especially when they’re having busy times too. With Chat-Me-In, it’s a cinch to keep them in touch with you at all times. By creating an event on the app, you can easily add people to your invite list, as well as adding an event photo and the exact location of the event on a map. You can even hail an Uber to the location of your event, and all your invitees can do it as well on the app. Keep them informed of any event changes through the instant messaging (chat) feature built right in.

Chat - Me  - In

With the Timeline feature, your friends and family can see moments on events they’ve been to – right from the app itself. Timeline lets you upload photos and videos for you and others to see, so each and every moment can be relived at any time. Other value-added features include an innovative chat feature called “QWKY”, which works similarly to Snapchat’s chat feature. Messages sent using QWKY disappears as soon as they are read, which is perfect for quick interactions that don’t require saving chat logs. Last, but not least, Chat-Me-In also works as a worldwide messaging app so you can create group chats and exchange photos and videos from anywhere in the world without carrier charges.

When life gets really busy, Chat-Me-In is a great app to keep your family and friends in the know.