YouCan BlueWater 1: Explore the ocean without being there

YouCan BW1 ROV Drone for the Ocean

There’s just so much the underwater world can offer. However, there’s a big caveat when it comes to exploring this rich and diverse world – advanced technologies are too expensive to deploy for the sole purpose of documenting everything beneath the ocean. To help more people see beyond the ocean surface, a tech startup is seeking to change the landscape of underwater photography and videography in relatively deeper underwater areas by incorporating novel technology into an affordable device. Introducing the YouCan BlueWater 1 (BW1), the remotely-operated underwater drone that puts you at the center of underwater immersion without actually being there.

Exploring the deep blue has always been a feat of engineering, but the YouCan BW1 aims to make this experience as effortless and immersive as possible. Designed for underwater enthusiasts of all degrees of experience, YouCan BW1 offers easy-to-use controls and smart imaging capabilities for beginners and professionals alike. A durable yet lightweight ABS-polycarbonate material houses all the delicate advanced electronics within BW1. It can go down to depths of up to 328 feet (100 meters) whilst taking high-resolution photos and videos. The camera module takes 1080P HD videos at 30 frames per second and 4-megapixel stills, and has the ability to be remotely tilted up or down so you can see more of what’s above and below while keeping it still. To aid in deep and dark areas, two 1,200-lumen LED headlamps illuminate the surroundings.

YouCan BW1 ROV Drone for the Ocean

Helping the YouCan BW1 maintain steady shots when underwater are three powerful self-stabilizing thrusters, detecting changes in water current and adjusts the BW1’s relative position accordingly. A hard-wired tether serves as the communication avenue between the BW1 and the Wi-Fi buoy floating above it. This buoy acts as a wireless access point for your mobile device to access and control BW1 onshore, while also maintaining BW1’s visual presence when deployed. With either an iOS or Android mobile device, you can wirelessly connect to and control the BW1, giving you access to a live video stream directly from the BW1 itself as well as to navigation controls. Thanks to a controller similar to a game console pad that attaches to your smartphone or tablet, you can easily navigate BW1 with tangible buttons and dials. YouCan BW1 is rated to last for up to 4 hours on a single charge with normal use, and up to 7 hours on lightweight use.

The YouCan BlueWater 1 gives you the opportunity to see what the underwater world offers from your very own perspective. It’s an affordable underwater imaging solution that makes it even easier for anyone to enjoy the wonders of the deep blue, and share the experience to the world.