Stream: The better future of streaming monetization


If you’re a content creator on some of the most popular hosting sites like YouTube, Netflix, Twitch and Periscope, chances are you’re looking for a better way to get paid fairly for your creations. Many content hosting sites are taking away significant fees from their creator partners, usually ranging between 30% and 55%. With the birth and rise of blockchain technology to the mainstream, a new platform has been designed from the ground up to let you and your content get paid for what it’s really worth. Introducing Stream, a decentralized economic backbone that lets content creators be fairly incentivized for anything they put into the broad media space. It empowers an open yet secure environment for content creators to get rewarded in the most seamless and easiest way possible.

Spearheaded by a team of passionate people from diverse tech backgrounds, Stream is a blockchain-based token system where users can source their payments for their content from anywhere in the world – all without paying exorbitant transaction fees. Since the goal of Stream is to provide the most seamless and easiest way for content creators to monetize their craft, users can be free to make great content without having restrictions to centralized platforms. Stream aims to make payments hassle-free and secure by eliminating the need of requiring users to provide certain information that may be linked to their personal online identity. It also axes out illiquidity, a standard practice of centralized platforms to make profit out of floating payments, since Stream lets content creators have a greater flexibility and access to their payments as they wish.

Powered by the Ethereum decentralized blockchain, streamers on Stream are awarded with newly-minted tokens called the Stream token as they contribute their content to the media ecosystem. Through Ethereum, these tokens can be easily converted into cash at any time without restrictions on maximum or minimum withdrawals. Stream also lets content creators use the tokens to further grow their content reach and monetization potential by incentivizing their own content over other decentralized broadcasting platforms.

Stream brings a fresh take on content monetization, allowing streamers to get the most out of their content and be paid for what they’re really worth. By tapping into the power of decentralized blockchain technology, Stream focuses heavily on making content more profitable by taking away the downsides of centralized platforms, and empower each and every content creator to build their future and make a great living out of their passion for creating incredibly engaging digital content.