Toybox: The affordable 3D printer for kids

Toybox 3D printer

It’s cool to have your very own 3D-printed items, such as figurines, toys, and even everyday items. But what’s not cool is the affordability and reach of many 3D printers today – the usual 3D printer costs well over $1,000, and this is a letdown for most people who want to take advantage of this piece of tech for educational purposes. Luckily a new 3D printer was designed to be an inexpensive investment if you want to make toys of all shapes and sizes that are suited for children of all ages. Meet Toybox, an easy-to-use 3D printer that’s controlled with your smartphone, so you can choose and make your own 3D-printed creation from a wide range of selections with just a tap.

Toybox is a relatively small and compact 3D printer that can be a welcome addition to your desk or office space. Engineered for precise high-resolution, high-speed 3D printing, this 3D printer offers some of the advanced technologies found in more expensive models out there. It’s so easy to use, there’s no learning curve at all – if you know how to use a smartphone and an app, you’re completely good to go. Toybox is based on your own imagination, so you can infinitely customize what you want to print based from a wide selection of predefined templates. A one-touch operation means you can go from designing to playing in virtually no time. The raw material used for the printer (the “ink”) is made out of corn-based PLA plastic filament, a non-toxic and biodegradable material that is suitable for all sorts of printed stuff.

Toybox 3D printer

If your creative juices are constantly flowing, Toybox lets you make your own 3D designs from scratch with the Toybox companion mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows. Since the whole system is designed with kids’ creativity in mind, it’s painlessly easy to make your own designs simply by tapping and swiping across the design interface using a variety of drawing tools. In addition, you can also select pre-made designs from the Toybox cloud, offering more than 500 toy designs including drums, bricks, rings, letters, human figures, and so much more. Just browse the catalog from the Toybox app, choose the toy that you want to print, and hit print! Wait for your toy to finish printing, and voila!

Made by designers for designers, Toybox offers a unique platform for creating 3D-printed toys that kids of all ages can enjoy making and playing, all at a reasonable price that can truly give a run for your money.