Zeqr: The new way to share knowledge

Zeqr to share knowledge

Over many years, people on the Internet have relied and have been relying on the power of open-source knowledge that can be accessed from any device at any time. Knowledge sites specific to user-sourced information, such as wikis and online forums, are key in turning the information revolution around. However these sites are very much prone to user abuse, and with the power of a few clicks or taps, the veracity of these pieces of facts can be turned into fallacious ones. It’s also quite difficult to learn new skills just by reading a wiki article or simply browsing through posted answers on forums. In an effort to enhance remote learning, a new web resource aims to provide interactive, one-on-one knowledge sharing from the convenience of your computer or mobile device, while keeping a high level of information integrity across a variety of knowledge disciplines. Introducing Zeqr, the new way to share knowledge.

Zeqr is a dedicated platform for knowledge-seekers and sharing fellows. It is designed to create a personal, intimate, and engaging way to learn things as well as to share valuable information across a wide range of knowledge areas. Anchored on a one-to-one and one-to-many human interaction experiences, Zeqr brings a learning experience similar to having a personal tutor or attending a lecture in a classroom setting. This type of approach to distant learning makes Zeqr unique, as the service boasts having the advantage of hands-on teaching and learning to impart and hone skills of different degrees.

Through a real-time information sharing system, people who seek knowledge (Zeqrs) and people who share knowledge (Xperts) can interact in the smoothest and simplest way possible, helping to eliminate the perceived borders and walls of distant education. Zeqr features a variety of options to share knowledge, such as one-to-one, one-to-many, and group sessions, which are all available via video, voice, and screen-share consultation methods. In the pursuit of knowledge excellence, Zeqr has brought some of the world’s most renowned knowledge specialists such as Guy Kawasaki, Evan Kirstel, John Boitnott, and Brittany Watson Jepson, among many others, to impart knowledge to people who want to learn new things or enhance their knowledge base.

Zeqr to share knowledge

By registering an account with Zeqr, you can gain direct access to knowledge experts with a few clicks or taps. After a simple sign-up procedure, you can then search for a specific skill you’d like to learn about, find the respective expert for that particular lesson, and arrange your session or class at the time and day that’s most convenient for you. Knowledge sessions ranging from topics about fashion, technology, business, and journalism, among others, can be availed with Zeqr.

With Zeqr, you can open up a range of possibilities to learn or share knowledge through an interactive platform that connects knowledge-seekers and experts across the globe.