GoDex: The ultimate iPhone case for Pokemon GO

GoDex iPhone case

The world went crazy over the release of Pokemon GO, the on-the-go Pokemon gaming experience for smartphones that uses augmented reality and other peer-to-peer technologies to bring the famous Nintendo characters to life. Many smartphone users quickly jumped on the bandwagon, aiming to be the best Pokemon trainers of today’s digital universe. But there were some issues that hampered the playing experience, such as dropped phones due to slippery phone grips, and the ridiculously quick battery drain issue. One startup wants to solve these with the GoDex, a new phone case for iPhone-based Pokemon GO players that promises to bring added fun to the user experience through improved ergonomics and extended battery life.

GoDex wants to be your ultimate iPhone case that’s specifically catered for the inner Pokemon fan in you. Its form factor is ergonomically adjusted to follow the natural contours of your hand for the optimum grippability while maintaining a relatively small footprint. It features a switchable color faceplate that comes in three colors – red, yellow, and blue – so you can truly represent your Pokemon team brand. Each faceplate bears a magnetic ring finger attachment and stand to keep your iPhone flushed with your hand during play. This feature not only keeps your iPhone in your hand, but also makes for a durable phone stand when you’re in the mood to watch videos in landscape on the go. The magnetic attachment of the GoDex case also lets you stick your phone to any metal surface, such as in your car’s dash to use for navigation or entertainment.

GoDex iPhone case

To add even more functionality to the GoDex case, the GoGlove is a wearable glove that can securely house your GoDex-equipped iPhone magnetically. It even includes a dedicated slot for your Pokemon GO Plus accessory, if you have one. The glove prevents your iPhone from being accidentally dropped or slipped, since a magnetic mechanism keeps your phone intact and secure at all times. What’s Pokemon GO when you’re low on power? GoDex ensures that you’ll have uninterrupted playing without being tethered to the wall outlet for long, thanks to its generous built-in 2,800 mAh power bank. GoDex and GoGlove are fully compatible with the iPhone 6 and newer.

It’s time to enhance your Pokemon GO experience with the GoDex iPhone case. Aiming to eliminate the common pain points of using your iPhone with Pokemon GO, this smart case will leave you playing hours and hours on end.